Package Duration : 9 Days

 Sravasti - 1 Night, Lumbini - 1 Night, Kushinagar - 1 Night, Patna - 1 Night,
 Bodhgaya - 2 Night, Varanasi - 2 Nights



Arrive Lucknow.
Immediately proceed Shravasti (200 kms.- 5 Hrs), reach Shravasti. Check-in the hotel. Night halt at Shravasti.

After breakfast, leave for Shravasti sightseeing, visiting Maheth (identified with the remains of the city, Maheth cover an area of about 400 acres. excavations have exposed the massive gates of the city, ramparts and also the ruins of other structures, which stand testimony to the prosperity of ancient Shravasti), Saheth (known primarily as the site of the jetvana monastery, saheth covers an area of 32 acres. lying about a quarter of a mile to the south-west of maheth, it become an important place of pligrimmage, adorened with numerous shrines, stupas and monastries). After lunch, proceed towards Lumbini (225 kms.- 6 Hrs). Reach Lumbini. Night halt at Lumbini

After breakfast, visit birth place of lord Buddha for religious cermony / prayer.
After lunch, drive to Kushinagar (185 kms.- 4 Hrs.). Reach Kushinagar check-in the hotel.
After lunch, leave for Kushinagar sightseeing and visit- Nirvana Stupa (standing at a height of 2.74 m, the nirvana stupa is built of bricks. this huge stupa was excavted in 1876. a copper vessel unearthed here bears an inscription in ancient brahmi stating that lord Buddha’s remains had been deposited here), Nirvana Temple (this temple houses the 6 mtr. long statue of reclining Buddha which was unearthed in 1876. carved from chunar sandstone, the statue has an inscription below that dates the statue to the 5th century A.D.) Ramabhar Stupa (referred to as the mukt bandhan vihar in ancient buddhist texts, this stupa marks the site where the lord Buddha was cremated. this large stupa rises to a height of 49 ft.). Night halt at Kushinagar.

After breakfast, departure to patna (285 kms.- 7 Hrs). Enroute visit- Vaishali (a special place for the buddhists as buddha delivered his last sermon here and announced his impending ‘Nirvana’ the 2nd buddhist council held after 100 years of Buddha’s parinirvana, also took place here), reach Patna. Check-in the hotel. Night halt at Patna.

After breakfast, departure to Bodhgaya (135 kms.) Enroute visit- Nalanda and see ruins of Nalanda University (the centre of one of the oldest known universities of the world the ruin contains a number of buddhist stupas & chaityas, monasteries, hostels, cells or rooms on four side with a central courtyard) further drive to Rajgir (17 kms.) and visit- Gridhkuta (vulture’s peak, a hill on which buddha mediated) Bimbisar Prison (King Bimbisar was imprisoned here by his son Ajatshatru) Venuvan Vihara (a bamboo garden of king Bimbisar, who made it as a gift to lord Buddha) After lunch at Rajgir. Proceed to Bodhgaya, reach Bodhgaya. Night halt at Bodhgaya.

After breakfast, visit Mahabodhi Temple (the main shrine of supreme enlightenment, the Mahabodhi Temple is unique amongst other north indian temples. it is an architectural amalgamation of many centuries & cultures), Bodhi Tree (situated inside the temple premises, under which Buddha attained illumination. it is believed to be the fourth or fifth generation off springs of the original) Return back to hotel for lunch.
After an evening tea, visit- Nirjana Rriver, Sujata village & monasteries of different countries). Night halt at Bodhgaya.

After breakfast, departure Varanasi (255 kms- 6 Hrs.). Reach Varanasi and visit- Sarnath (situated about 10 kms. from Varanasi, is the place where Buddha preached his first sermon after he had attained enlightenment at Bodhgaya. You can see Ashok pillar with its four guardia lions that has been as India’s national emblem. Night halt at Varanasi.

In the early morning, visit to river Ganges, sightseeing of wonderful ghats. Also enjoy a boat ride with picturesque view of the sunrise. Thereafter visit- Kashi Vishwanath Temple, near the ghats is the most sacred of the shrines dedicated to the lord shiva. This is considered as a one of the 12 jyotirlingas) Return back to hotel for breakfast. Thereafter visit- Bharatmata Mandir (inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi, is a unique temple dedicated to Mother India), Durga Temple (one of the important temples dedicated to goddess Durga. constructed in the 18th Century). Evening will be free for relaxation. Night halt at Varanasi.

Departure to Mumbai.

The above package can be customized according to your needs and specifications.  Please contact our office for details.